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subtilité signature

effortless. subtle. timeless.

I truly believe you effortlessly create your own signature look
with your favorite jewelry you wear every single day.
These pieces you carry with you every moment,

become an extension of yourself.

Make it subtle but significant.

camille for subtilité

the face behind subtilité

"I'm definitely more the subtle touches. 
Choosing pieces that initially don't stand out,
but once you notice, you really notice.
Effortless, but you know better. "


I've always dreamt of opening my own store and I'm honestly surprised it's my love for jewelry that actually brings me here. A few years ago, I started gifting myself timeless and elegant jewelry on meaningful events in my life. I They stood by me every day so far and lived every adventure of mine. Even starting this dream of me, drowning in the most beautiful pieces, I'll keep wearing them everyday. That's my gift to you. Subtle but significant signature jewelry you can wear on a daily basis.

Always been an independent person who keeps chasing her ambitions and dreams. I can't wait to see you as a part of this story. 

Here's handpicked from me to you my favorite pieces,

I hope you love and enjoy them as much as I do.

see you soon


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