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subtilité jewelry

Product care

All pieces are carefully selected to keep your subtilité. I want all pieces to be timeless and easy to combine

You can wear our jewelry all day, everyday but please be gentle with your jewelry.

Below you find general information. You can find specific information on the product page.

I select all pieces in sterling silver 925,  a high quality and shiny material that is hypoallergenic. 
The silver keeps its worth and you can wear it all the time. But ofcourse, the better you take care, the longer it lasts.

For all gold plated items,  a sterling silver 925 item has been covered with a layer of gold.
For our Christmas Capsule Collection some gold plated pieces have a brass basis. 
I don’t want to disappoint you, but the gold layer will slowly fade because of friction.
To postpone the fading process, I strongly advise you to:


Don’t expose the gold plated pieces to

- chemicals, oils and makeup: take on the gold plated jewelry as a last step of getting ready
   or take these pieces off while doing chores (e.g. cleaning).

- chlorinated or salty water: take the pieces off when you go swimming or go to the spa.

- body oils and sweat: no jewelry at the gym; clean it frequently, especially during summer.


- Keep your hands clean while putting on and taking off your jewelry.

- Wear the gold plated jewelry on its own. Rubbing and friction of different pieces against each other causes the fading.
   (less can be so much more!)  

- Clean your gold-plated pieces regularly! It prolongs its glory.  Use a professional jewelry cleaner, or a mild liquid soap (no chemicals)
   and warm (not hot) water. Be careful in the process, and do not brush or rub the jewelry.


To keep the quality of your jewelry when not wearing, store the item in the jewelry boxes they come with,
it prolongs the lifetime of your favorite pieces significantly.

If you have other question(s), please get in touch with me.

Make it subtle but significant.


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